By Janine Perrett

All the talk of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) being on a collision course with the budget next week is a supreme irony given it is all the Government's own fault.

Well perhaps not entirely, but the timing of it at least.

Let's remember that the only reason we have a budget on the same day as a RBA board meeting is because of Prime Minister Turnbull's terribly clever trick to prorogue parliament to enable an early double dissolution election.

So he decided to bring forward the budget from its traditional date of the second Tuesday in May to one week earlier, which was next Tuesday.

At the time no one probably cared that was also the date the RBA meets.

After all the word "shock" was the reaction to yesterday's big plunge in CPI figures in the last quarter and the deflation word has caught everyone by surprise - economists, markets and the government too one would imagine.

Not that any slowdown in spending should be a shock to Canberra given you could argue they bear some responsibility with all the election speculation of the past few months.

And while the initial reaction to the CPI figure was negative, reflecting the fact that it shows a disturbing listlessness to economic activity, the government will no doubt try to spin it at as a positive.

The Treasurer's first response was that all developed countries are experiencing this dis-inflationary scenario and at least we have room to cut rates.

Indeed any rate cut is usually seen as a positive for the party in power - and usually a surprise bonus in an election campaign though never before on actual budget day.

However some cynics might recall that when in opposition, this Coalition used rate cuts against the then Labor Government claiming it proved economic mismanagement.

Still it was encouraging to see the shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen yesterday claim they would not stoop to the same irresponsible and reckless economically damaging comments by exploiting RBA decisions.

All will be revealed next Tuesday but has anyone realised that the cream of Australia's economic thinkers will all be locked up incommunicado in Canberra when the RBA decision comes out at 2.30?