By Janine Perrett

Saudis and Russia in deal to freeze oil output" read this morning's headline.

Now you're talking.

That is the first tangible evidence that there may indeed be a floor on the plunging oil price and with it the plummeting stock market.

But here's some other headlines that only add to the confusion; or simply states the bleeding obvious; or are in the downright "duh" category.

On the international front.

"Break up big banks says former Goldman Sachs banker turned Fed official".

"Central banks looking at more negative interest rates"

"Negative interest rates an unproven policy that won't work."

"Markets lose faith in central banks to fix problems".

"RBA chief says markets are dropping their bundle".

"Government disarray on tax policy".

"Government not sure on negative gearing changes".

"Business leaders split over negative gearing changes".

"Spending is the problem says Morrison"

"Ministers told to stop spending"

"Former Minister uses taxpayer funds to visit mine in which he holds shares".

"Star loses $80 million in lucky run by high rollers"

"Crown Casino hit with $250 million tax bill".

But the winner for the biggest "you reckon?" headline of the day.

"Clive Palmer can't be trusted says former manager?