By Janine Perrett 

Political correctness and security concerns often have competing interests.

And no I'm not talking about events in Europe or the Middle East. Much closer to home.

Last week a story emerged raising concerns about the port of Darwin being leased to a Chinese group which, it was later discovered, had ties to the state.

Seriously? China is still a communist country people; everything has ties to the state.

Even more disturbing the new port operator is among a group of Chinese companies who have set up people's armed militia units.

And yesterday an excellent story from Laura Tingle in the AFR pointing out that the front runners for the NSWs electricity privatisation are - you guessed it a Chinese company.

And one that had previously been barred from the Philippines because of security concerns.

Why are we even going down this path? State governments should liaise with the federal department of Defense who will get it straight from the US defense establishment that letting Chinese groups into sensitive infrastructure is a major security risk.

And let's not forget only a week ago reports emerged that Chinese sources were allegedly hacking into documents for our submarine tender.

And they did get the plans to our new ASIO building when it was being built.

It is why the Huawei company has always, sensibly, been precluded from major government telecommunications contracts.

State Government decisions in these matters should be monitored closely by the Federal Government with the ability to overturn them on security grounds. 

After all the port of Darwin is also host to the rotation of US marines...the ones patrolling the Pacific to protect us from aggression by China in the South China Sea.

Yes we need China economically but we also need to be realistic security wise.