So Malcolm Turnbull has answered the tricky question of what exactly has changed since he replaced Tony Abbott.

Yes there is a real difference between the two of them he said, citing his support for rail transport over the apparent anti public transport former PM who favoured cars and roads.

Geez and I would have said that the main difference is that people actually want to vote for Turnbull as PM rather than the other one; well that's according to the latest polls.

Might be even more differences today when they finally release the response to the financial inquiry by David Murray nearly a year after it was delivered. 

It sat on the  shelf along with other reviews like Harper one into competititon which the new regime is dusting off as well.

And while we're on trains, planes and automobiles, on the very day the new PM was lauding his train credentials comes the EIS report into Sydney's second airport confirming there will be no rail link initially. Surely Mr Turnbull will right this grievous wrong and not wait for decades when it will cost more. A second airport that is promising tens of thousands of jobs surely requires a sensible decision now, not later.

So let's look at some other headlines around this morning purporting to be news.

"Hockey resigns from parliament". No, we want real news that someone might actually care about.

"China GDP beats forecasts" said one headline following the command economy's own script. 

"Few believe China growth figures" says the far more credible AFR website headline.  

"CBA to refund 7.6 million due to errors". There is a headline you don't see often; well actually you do, as ANZ and NAB, just to name two, have also had to pay back customers for erronenous fees.

"Crown to add 90 storey six star hotel to attract VIP gamblers". There is another familiar headline, be it Melbourne or Sydney where the Packerisation of our cityscape continues unabated.