One little story that caught my eye yesterday was the Mayor of Perth in hot water over alleged bribery and corruption claims.

Oooh I thought, perhaps this is WA Inc. all over.

Actually it was far from it. This case seemed to involve an incident of some free tickets to a Chris Isaak concert that were not properly declared.

Apart from the fact you have to wonder - what else would you do with Chris Isaak tickets but give them away? - it was the host of the event that was interesting.

It was BHP and, would you believe, the whole affair dated back to the Beijing Olympics.

Anyway, it does raise questions about the whole issue of corporate hospitality. What with the Spring racing carnival coming up and the footy finals just finished, all with the usual pictures of political leaders front and centre, and other pollies being wined and dined by corporates.

It is a murky area even though the politicians usually end up having to declare everything.

All sides obviously think it is worth the risk for a few free tickets and a warm glass of champers in the marquee.

It is a minor side issue to the whole matter of toughening our bribery and corruption laws on the corporate side, not the political side.

Has anyone been watching the building Royal Commission? Just as there are some appalling breaches by unions, you have to wonder about some of the building companies that were complicit, which included some very big names.

We know the United States has the most onerous laws covering corporate corruption and bribery and many an Australian has been caught unwittingly. 

Even the UK has emulated the crackdown, which leaves the Australians pretty well the last ones still partying on regardless.