By Janine Perrett

Reading the media this morning you would think we are going to have an election on July 2.

That's because we probably are going to have an election on that date, except technically it has not actually been called yet.

I know, I know; I'm being pedantic.

We all know that the PM has warned that if the Senate did not pass his ABCC bill he would have the trigger for a double dissolution election.

And the date for the poll would best be July 2.

But he does have to actually go through the motions of formally announcing the date.

Unfortunately we have the small matter of the budget to get through before it can actually be called though.

Even though that has been brought forward it is still not for two weeks.

I'm sure nothing will happen before then to prevent the inevitable, but....

Best bet is he will probably do the formalities the weekend afterwards, as per tradition

Call me old fashioned but I would like to wait to see him driving up to the Governor General's residence and seeing the official paperwork and the big formal announcement.