By Janine Perrett

It's Wednesday must be time for a new and even more bizarre tax reform proposal.

My outrage meter peaked again yesterday over the latest bizarre tax balloon floated from this strange Turnbull Government in Canberra.

The latest idea is to allow the states to levy their own personal income tax.

I am torn whether to even give this latest thought bubble the dignity of a whack down but listening to the compliant media just repeat every idea as a good one it is worth noting a few salient facts.

At the moment our federal system allows for only the government in Canberra to levy personal income tax. Can you imagine having another layer of government dipping directly into your pocket? 

Can you imagine having to file out yet another complex tax return? That's what happens in the US. I lived there I should know how over-taxed they feel with another layer of compliance required. 

Governments here constantly talk about cutting red tape and streamlining our bloated tax system and here we are planning the biggest increase in bureaucracy ever.

The spruikers for this idea point to the loss of health and education funding from the commonwealth government and say it would be good for states to have direct access to their own rising revenue stream.

Can I remind younger jounos these were exactly the words used to justify implementing the GST only 15 years ago? And look at how that worked.

The states are now back with their hands out having mismanaged their extra revenue and needing more funds yet again.

Perhaps this is some Machiavellian proposal to put an increased GST proposal back on the table.

Good luck with that one.

Above all this just confirms all my recent tax reform columns, claiming there are no clear plan and these vague rushed proposals should not be appearing just before an election.

For goodness sake stop trying to promise income tax cuts that should not be happening right now. Lower expectations instead of trying a con job where in exchange for a small drop in your income tax bill to Canberra you later get hit with another one from whichever silly state government is in power this week. And guess how often they will need to raise it.

Of course by the time I have written this the Turnbull government will no doubt have moved on to something else, thereby negating the need to make a proper decision,

No wonder I got so depressed reading the other main headline today that the double D election for July might not actually eventuate and we will have even more months of this tax rot.

Spare me.