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More HR myths busted

By David Bates

A lot has happened in the world of Fair Work since my last appearance on the Switzer program … and none of it has been good for small businesses. 

Given the nature of the 24-hour news cycle – and the might of the Australian Council of Trade Union’s (ACTU) media machine – a range of damaging myths about these Fair Work developments have been incorrectly reported as facts … so let’s set the record straight:

Myth #1: The Turnbull Government is ‘Ripping Away’ Penalty Rates from Aussie Battlers.

Question: Who set up the review which resulted in the Fair Work Commission reviewing Modern Awards? 

Answer: Labor’s Julia Gillard.

Question: Who specifically instructed the Fair Work Commission to look at penalty rates during their review?

Answer: Labor’s Bill Shorten.

Question: Who appointed the current President of the Fair Work Commission?

Answer: The Labor Party

Question: Who promised to respect the decision of the ‘independent umpire’, even if they decided in favour of reducing penalty rates?

Answer: Labor’s Bill Shorten.

Noticed the pattern of brazen hypocrisy yet?

Myth #2: The Turnbull Government Understands Small Businesses.

Sorry to tell you, they don’t. If they did, Employment Minister Senator Michaelia Cash would have managed to appoint at least one small business owner during her last round of appointments to the Fair Work Commission last week.

While employers should at least be thankful that none of the appointees are former trade union officials (because former employee advocates already comprise the majority of appointed Commissioners), it is simply unfathomable to me (and countless others who don’t belong to the IR boys club) that not a single small business owner was considered worthy of appointment to the Commission.

Want to reform the Commisssion and inject some much-needed common sense into this  apparently ‘partisan and dysfunctional’ (the description provided by recently-departed Commission Vice-President Graeme Watson) organisation? Appoint some small business owners.

Myth #3: The ACTU deserve a seat at the table.

No, it doesn’t. The ACTU is now a shadow of its former self. Once upon a time, its leaders worked constructively with government and employers to bring about important social reforms and protect the rights of workers.

Nowadays, it’s a socialist shambles that has no respect for either our democracy or the rule of law.

But don’t take my word for it – take the word of the ACTU’s new secretary, Sally McManus, instead.

When asked on the 7:30 program if she supported the rule of law (you know, that pesky thing that separates our country from third world dictatorships), Sally said yes. But Sally then said it was perfectly fine to break laws if you felt they were unjust. Seems Sally may not have really understood what ‘the rule of law’ means after all.

So, in Sally’s world, if you think income tax is unfair: don’t pay it. If you think the speed limit is for schmucks: just ignore it. If you don’t like workplace health and safety laws: pretend they don’t exist.

I call it the ‘Silly Sally Defence’: if you personally feel a law is unfair, you can just disregard it. 

And how did ACTU President Ged Kearney respond to Sally’s extraordinary disregard for our nation’s laws? She called her ‘refreshingly honest’.

Ready to close your business yet?

Published on: Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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