Australia’s biggest gift florist will hit a record number of deliveries this Valentine’s Day after receiving its highest number of orders ever, just one day before the big day.

Roses Only Chairman Jack Singleton said in an interview on Talking Lifestyle's On the Money that this was their biggest year yet, as they prepared to make the most deliveries in a single day on February 14th.

But while the day of romance might be getting more popular, Australians also seem to be getting slacker when it comes it. Many of the orders were made just the day before, according to Singleton.


This year has also seen a sharp rise in same-sex flower gifting, according to him, with around triple the number this year than the year before.

“It’s a beautiful to see. Romance doesn’t discriminate, and now neither does the laws of Australia,” he said.

However, he added that for now the majority of orders are stil men gifting women. And there are signs that they're getting worse at it. 

“Heterosexual men are hopeless and getting more hopeless every year,” he joked. “They’re leaving it to the last minute…. They’re hopeless with card writing, and they’re quite unimaginative,” he added with a laugh.

But for whatever reason, men in same-sex relationships don’t have the same issues. “[They] get their orders in a lot earlier and their cards are more thoughtful,” he said.

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