By Angela Catterns

This is the time of year when we start to drown in lists.

The best albums of the year. Best investments of the year. Best movies, books, words, business-women, wine … the list of lists goes on. It’s this ritual we go through when the 12month hourglass is almost empty.

So, in the spirit of the season, I’d like to share with you my own list. My least-favourite  trends  of 2015. 

Pulled pork. Or beef. Or lamb. This is meat that's had the bejesus cooked out of it and which you don't need a knife to cut. You just pull it and it falls apart. It's stringy and it just doesn't look very appetising. Pulled meat is perfect for people in nursing homes or those without strong teeth. Can we please go easy on the pulled meats in 2016?

Salted caramel. Caramel was delicious until people decided to put salt in it, thus turning a sweet treat into a sort of savory one. It originated in Brittany, where heavily salted butter caramels are a traditional treat. Salted caramel is a food marketer's dream, combining the 2 most popular flavours - sweet and salty - into one. But I happen to enjoy  them separately. I’ve been known to eat a couple of olives followed by a piece of chocolate. But  never together, at the same time. In my opinion, salt is the opposite of caramel and I’d like to see them uncoupled in 2016.

Coconut water. It’s pitched as a healthy alternative to sports drinks and has become almost as ubiquitous as take-away coffee. The global coconut water market is forecast to grow more than 25% within the next 3 years and there are literally dozens of brands of packaged and bottled coconut water available in Australia.

At my local mini-mart, I can even buy a whole coconut for a dollar or 2. The young woman behind the counter works the top off with a machete and pops in a straw. In 2016, watch out for more healthy beverages. In the US, there’s already a trend in aloe juice and maple sap.

Active wear. By now you’ve probably seen this amusing video showing women doing pretty much everything - except exercising -  in their activewear. 

It was made by Australian comedy group Skitbox who obviously must live in my suburb. 90% of the women I see up the road are wearing activewear.  I never see them in anything else. Workout clothing is a trend that’s on the rise and there’s no stopping it in 2016. 

Activated nuts and berries. This is an ancient and traditional practice that requires the soaking of nuts and seeds in brine and letting them dry in the sun. This year, it’s not ok to eat just nuts. They have to be activated.

In 2016, I predict more and more of us will be activating our nuts. In our activewear. 

Kale. By now I would have thought the kale craze might be over, but it shows no sign of abating. At my local café there are at least 5 dishes on the menu which feature kale. I know it’s healthy and nutritious but I just don’t like the taste. In Canada, even McDonalds is opening a café that sells kale salads. Kale is here to stay.

And finally, you may have noticed the puzzling trend in some luxury homes to include the bathroom in the bedroom. Or to make the place where you bathe and go to the toilet a feature of the place where you sleep. Is this about convenience and not having to walk very far when you need to get up in the middle of the night? Or are some interior designers trying to turn our ablutions into a kind of performance art?

I sincerely hope this is not a trend that continues in 2016.