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Save money, get Appy

If your idea of a great deal is the two for one schnitzel voucher in your local RSL’s entertainment booklet,... read more >

The Apple Watch - a must have or a fun accessory?

If you can get your head around the fact that this watch is literally your iPhones companion – like an extended... read more >

Signatures go online

As long as people have been able to write, signatures have existed as a form of identification. Even as more and more... read more >

The new Tesla

Electric vehicles have been available from the late 1990s but faced stiff resistance from some in the industry and... read more >

Buying a New Business Laptop, Part Two.

In part one of this series we looked at the top priorities for small business when purchasing a new laptop. In this,... read more >

Buying a New Business Laptop, Part One.

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Social media vs. brand websites: which has more influence?

Does social media really hold power over consumer buyer behaviour? A new report reveals brand-controlled websites... read more >

What’s the most social airport?

As we approach the busy holiday travel rush, Facebook has compiled a list of the world’s most... read more >

Top five brain-training exercises online

Are you perpetually suffering from a case of the fuzzies? We name the top five sites online to challenge your skills,... read more >

NBN to offer deals to small business

As more and more small businesses realise the necessity to get online, NBN Co has taken the step to make it a little... read more >

Does my business need a tablet?

The tablet computer has made enormous strides in the last few years. Thanks to popular tablets like the iPad, the... read more >

Three lessons learnt from Steve Jobs

1. Build excitement, market a feeling The excitement that a new Apple product inspires in its customers (read: fans)... read more >

Nine tips to getting the most life from the right technology

Where would you be without your laptop? Virtually tied to your desk, for one thing. Much less efficient at your job,... read more >

Eye on Apple: iPhone 4S and iCloud released

Apple launched its new iPhone in the US overnight, with new CEO Tim Cook at the helm. While many anticipated the... read more >

The right technology to protect your data

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Your technology roadmap: six business-saving technologies

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Customers worry over company data security (and seven tips to protect your data)

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To the test: BlackBerry PlayBook

2011 is certainly the year of the tablet with many tech companies releasing – or planning to release –... read more >

16 tips to increase business presence on Twitter

Though you may have signed up to Twitter, fleshed out your profile, and followed more users than you can count, how... read more >

Five tips to stand out from the online crowd

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Goodbye typewriter – seven gadgets easily dead

2011 heralded the death of the good, ol’-fashioned typewriter as the last manual typewriter was manufactured.... read more >

Could search marketing decrease online competition?

Search marketing, otherwise known as search engine optimisation (SEO), is the practice by which a business’... read more >

Boom time for tablet ownership, plus other media trends

One in every four Australians will own a tablet computer by 2015, forecasts PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). This... read more >

A minor introduction to Twitter

While the basis of Twitter is founded on short, sharp posts, explaining Twitter deserves more than that –... read more >

A new experience: the Luna Park app

For theme parks around the world, it might be all about faster, higher, more twists, more turns. But for... read more >

Aussie businesses ignoring the benefits of social media

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Tumblr, social media has undoubtedly gripped Australia and refuses to... read more >

Australians’ love affair with online stores

It’s no news to tech-savvy consumers, but new research indicates more Australians are shopping online than ever... read more >

An app for the everyday, says founder of Moshtix

Where a lot of apps focus on games and the novelty factor, some carve their way into your smartphone’s... read more >

To the test – iPad2

As the iPad2 celebrates its four-month birthday, we take the tablet for a test drive to see what all the hype is... read more >

To the test – Bose’s QC 15

Frequent travelers have long been in search of the Holy Grail of noise-suppressing technology to dull in-flight... read more >

Tips and traps for iPhone apps

Is your business ready for an iPhone app? With so many apps available for mobile phones and tablets, creating... read more >

The Australian smartphone love affair

Take a backseat, computer. The smartphone is now front and centre, as demand for smartphone technology booms.... read more >

The writing’s on the net – Aussies embrace online

In case you needed cold, hard proof that more and more Aussies are moving online, the total number of internet... read more >

Social media lessons from Telstra

As the first major Australian organisation to engage in customer service via Twitter, Telstra has been active in... read more >

Smartphone users love mobile banking

Online banking may not be a new invention but according to new research, demand is growing for it in the mobile... read more >

Why the cloud is like custard

Cloud is one of the most touted, yet barely understood, buzzwords in IT news in recent years. But what exactly is it... read more >

How to server your business better

Many small business owners know that collaboration, application responsiveness and data protection are important for... read more >

Businesses embrace the great internet shift, says Facebook CEO

There’s little doubt the internet has turned the pursuit of knowledge on its head and up to now this was one of... read more >

How to compare internet speeds

Taking the time to compare internet speeds can help you determine how fast your internet connection is compared to... read more >

Is print really dead? Fairfax CEO speaks out

In recent times, there has been much ado over the fate of print publications and how they will survive when... read more >

How to outfit your computer with accessories

While the mainframe of your computer should carry the most weight in your decision when purchasing a new computer,... read more >

What’s in the box with the dots?

One of Australia’s great app success stories is the Domino's Pizza app – number one free app within five... read more >

How to dispose of your old technology

So you’ve decided to upgrade your technology in time for the end of financial year tax time? New equipment in... read more >

Optus CEO’s top three tech trends

The pace of technology innovation is accelerating faster, and for many, looking through the industry’s crystal... read more >

How to choose a computer monitor

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the monitor screen must be the window to the computer. Many users may... read more >

Tuning in: the future of online media consumption habits

The future of media consumption has arrived – a survey into online TV behaviour has found the lines between the... read more >

How to find the right computing solutions for your business

Buying technology for your business is a significant investment with long-term implications. So how do you know which... read more >

Google Labs: our top nine favourite experiments

Thank you Google. Not just for your search engine (which answers every conceivable question short of ‘What is... read more >

How to shop for a new computer

With the end of the financial year just around the corner, there has never been a better time to gain the tax... read more >

Top 10 Facebook trends in 2012

It’s been a year of big news events and there's no better way to take a trip down memory lane than to examine... read more >

Three ways to tune into the Federal budget

The Federal budget has already been touted as a ‘tough budget’ and there is much interest into how... read more >

Dressed in style – 11 top laptop casings

If you’re looking to differentiate your laptop from the masses, your best bet is a protective laptop case. The... read more >

Which smartphone wins out in consumer satisfaction?

You can compare smartphones in price and pixels, CPU and cameras, GPS and gigabytes. But at the end of the day,... read more >

Amazon Kindle – now with added goodness!

Amazon has announced they will sell a new model of their popular Kindle, the portable e-book reader device, with a... read more >

Twitter: your new stock market analyst?

Just think Twitter is for the inane and mundane of 140 characters or less? Your folly. According to research, making... read more >

The nuisance of autoplay videos

There’s a major nuisance roaming the internet at the moment. No, it’s not pop-up ads and... read more >

What you need to know about wireless webcams

Installing a webcam is a fun and worthwhile project, whether it's for home security or to help you keep track of your... read more >

Smartphone patent wars; who comes out on top?

As smartphones increasingly become our all-in-one gadget, a battle wages among phone companies over who owns what... read more >

Google tools

A Swiss Army knife is a wonderful tool. When everything is folded away, it looks neat and simple, but when you... read more >

Is your iPhone a mobile wallet?

So your smartphone acts as a Game Boy, address book, browser and street directory – so what? The next... read more >

Getting rid of spyware

Most of us don't have to worry about encountering 007-style super-spies or shifty-eyed characters in trench coats,... read more >

Is email the new snail mail?

Email used to be the ultimate in breakthrough communication, a harbinger of the e-age and the favoured means of... read more >

Buzzwords – what is freeware?

If you've bought a computer recently, you may have spent more for the software than you did for the computer itself.... read more >

Making a statement with USB flash drives – our top five

While it’s commonly seen as disposable technology, your USB drive can become your most used and reliable tech... read more >

Buzzwords – What is software-as-a-service?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) goes by many names – web-based software, on-demand applications or hosted software... read more >

Following the bluebird

There’s been a snowball of Twitter-related media coverage since it graced our monitors. It played its role in... read more >

To the test – Samsung Galaxy Tab

Upon opening the box, the response is unanimous: ‘ooh shiny’. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is stunning... read more >

Are e-books the preferred medium for reading material?

Times are a’changing. Of this you are probably already aware. And, chances are you didn’t read that in a... read more >

On the road – our 11 top travel gadgets

Travel can be exhausting – from the endless lines at customs to the wasted time sitting in Aisle Seat 34C. To... read more >

21 tips to avoid hairy situations on Facebook

Facebook can be a fantastic social tool to get in contact with long lost friends, reach potential clients, or stay... read more >

All or nothing – the pros and cons of social networking on the clock

Social networking, in case you haven’t noticed, is everywhere these days. And the line between personal and... read more >

Top four external hard drives to ease the hardware squeeze

Information is power and, in business, you simply can’t afford to lose any precious data. Avoid tech uh-oh... read more >

Apple CEO takes leave to focus on health

In a shock move, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced he will take medical leave from his position. Reports from The... read more >

Three Hollywood tech fantasies exposed

Hollywood has a lot to answer for. For years – nay, decades! – we’ve been promised a googolplex of... read more >

To the test – Powermat

For the average consumer, a good proportion of the everyday necessities – keys, wallet, phone, iPod –... read more >

Early whispers of an iPad2 release

A little over six months ago, the folk at Apple had us all a flutter: our dogs barked at every shadow, our children... read more >

Buzzwords – What is open-source software?

The IT community has a habit of creating words and initialisms to rival Dr Seuss and for an outsider, their use can... read more >

To the test – Evernote software

Software is available for almost every business task required from accounting to human resources. However, in an... read more >

This goes with that – tech compatibility made simple

No matter whether you’re a start-up or a growing business, the headaches no doubt seem never-ending when it... read more >

Dissecting the computer’s anatomy and understanding the lingo

Computers are no longer the domain of those literate in geek. In fact, if you don’t understand technology... read more >

Out of the office, never out of touch

For many small- and medium-sized businesses, it’s not an option for key members of staff to be out of touch... read more >

Keep software up-to-date

Software needs to be kept up-to-date with the latest updates and patches to ensure its efficient operation and to... read more >

Where to spend the IT budget

Budgets for small businesses are often tightly allocated and when IT comes into the equation, it can be difficult to... read more >

The tech tools to grow a business

If you’re business is on the verge of growth, technology can assist in building a solid foundation to bunker... read more >

Starting a business – what do you need?

Starting a business doesn’t necessarily mean succeeding in business. It’s one thing to dream about being... read more >

PC vs. Mac – the extras

We’ve looked at the differences in hardware and software between the PC and Mac – now for those little... read more >

PC vs. Mac – the software

We’ve covered the differences in hardware between the PC and Mac – now for software.   The operating... read more >

Tips for recruiting IT support in your business

How much does your business rely on technology? For a lot of small businesses – especially for those with... read more >

To the test – Portégé R700

In the market for a travelling companion? To see whether it can withstand the pressures of travel, we put... read more >

When disaster strikes – seven tips to keep your business running

When you’re a small business owner, there is enough stress without worrying about technology failing. And, with... read more >

PC vs. Mac – the hardware

Are you a Mac or a PC? The answer depends less on your hardware preferences and more on your computing philosophy.... read more >

Keep your wireless network safe and secure

Wireless technology makes using your computer easier and more convenient than ever before. With the help of a fast... read more >

Keep your computer hardware up-to-date

Hardware updates to your computer can mean the difference between higher and lower productivity. Technology is... read more >

Desktop or Laptop?

Evaluating Your Needs Desktop or laptop? Extra-buttered popcorn or reduced sodium? Paper or plastic? Gas guzzling SUV... read more >

To the test – iPhone4

iPhone4. On paper, it doesn’t seem worth shelling out hundreds for it. When you’re holding the smooth,... read more >

External hard drives ease the storage hardware squeeze

Hardware is becoming bigger and better. However, in our information society, often the computer can’t keep up... read more >

Protect your computer from viruses

As anyone who has ever had the flu knows, viruses can be devastating – and computers don't get off any easier... read more >

Free software to boost your business’ capabilities

Software is an important means of efficiency for a business’ computer catalog. However, with prices becoming... read more >

Three steps to buying the right computer for your business

Computers are an integral part of a successful business. But for many business owners, the speed and range of... read more >

Webhosting services – as easy as 1, 2, 3

Services are crucial for those business aspects you may not be a pro at – from accounting to the law. However,... read more >

Using technology to market your business

Technology in business is important, but many business owners may think it’s too hard to implement, or that... read more >

‘Virtually’ working in a regional area

In this 21st century world, technology is bringing people and businesses closer together. And this is a good thing... read more >

Software made simple

Software can be a complex issue for any business owner. If you do decide to implement it, however, it’s... read more >

Q&A: Purchasing new technology

When purchasing technology, how do I save costs without sacrificing performance? As businesses face mounting pressure... read more >

Have you got protection?

Have you considered the impact of property damage through a fire or flood, a computer system crash or failing to... read more >

Q&A: Selecting a small business CRM

How can I be sure I’m choosing the right CRM for my small business? To be sure you’re choosing the right... read more >

The iPad is revolutionary but is it magical?

By now, you would have heard of the iPad, if not seen or, if you’re lucky, touched one. Despite the media... read more >

On trend with technology

To compete in today’s business world, SMBs have to be sure to stay one step ahead of the competition when it... read more >

Q&A: Extended warranties

When purchasing technology I’m always unsure whether or not I should take on an extended warranty. When are... read more >

The ins and outs of technology

Technology can be a daunting prospect for many business owners. And when times are tough this is normally one of the... read more >

Into the fourth generation of the Apple smartphone dynasty

The public will be subject yet again to the hype associated with Apple product releases, within coming months. The... read more >

Wired for sound

You’ve heard the term Bluetooth, but how does it relate to your business? Read on for Bluetooth products that... read more >

The great tech divide

For a lot of business owners, technology is a scary concept. They would prefer to leave it in the too-hard basket.... read more >

Q&A: SMB Internet Security

I run a small marketing business with 6 staff. I hear a lot of talk about the importance of Internet security but... read more >

Australia ranks third on iPad pricing

In January 2007, CommSec launched an iPod index as a way of looking at issues such as the impact of currency changes... read more >

Universal chargers

In an age where we’re all increasingly dependent on technology, departing the home or office for a trip brings... read more >

Telco - the industry of the future?

Long gone are the days of Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone – as figures show upwards of nine million mobile... read more >

Review: Blackberry Bold 9000

In recent years the BlackBerry has come to be regarded as a powerful tool used by business people all over the world.... read more >

Rise of the smartphone

The rise of the laptop computer has allowed modern mobile workers to break free from their desktop computers and... read more >

Going mobile

The rise of the laptop computer has allowed modern mobile workers to break free from their desktop computers and... read more >