We live in an enlightened age where equality is a right. So, how is it that women are still not on par with men in the salary stakes?

New data analysis from Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) demonstrates female graduates are still getting a raw deal being paid up to 14.3 per cent less than their male counterparts.

EOWA director Helen Conway says employers need to look at their remuneration practices to bridge the divide.

“Graduate Careers Australia figures demonstrate that, from day one, female employees are behind the eight-ball across a range of industries when it comes to salaries, earning an average of $2000 less per year than males,” she says.

According to the figures, the median salary of males starting full-time work is $52,000, while the median for females is $50,000. In some industries, this can be even more, some of which include architecture and economics and business.

“Businesses need to take a close look at their recruitment practices to stop this discrimination and ensure they attract and retain the best employees, regardless of gender.”

One way to do this is to conduct a simple analysis of salaries by gender for equivalent positions. This analysis should be part of a larger remuneration audit to identify any pay gaps within the organisation.

“There should be greater transparency around salaries for graduate jobs. Graduates deserve to know that what they are being paid is fair and not influenced by gender,” says Conway.

“Making sure graduate salaries are equitable will begin to tackle this problem. Let’s give all people a fair go from the start.”