In Good Company

A solid life strategy could be to evaluate who you currently hang out with. Don't underestimate the power of surrounding...


Does stress contribute to disease?

Are you worrying yourself sick? This week on The CheckUp, Dr Ross Walker looks at the research into whether stress contributes...


The week in finance - 24.06.17

It was a down week for the Aussie market, as investors took fright over a number of issues including lower oil prices, another...


What role will emotional intelligence play in an AI world?

Strong emotional intelligence can separate good leaders from great leaders. But what happens when artificial intelligence...


Why Malcolm Turnbull needs to be bold

Turnbull needs to show his colleagues he has a short, medium and long-term plan for their survival.


Draw a much better future for yourself

A picture could kick-start the process of making your goals and dreams a reality.


The best drug in the world

This week on The CheckUp, Dr Ross Walker reveals the best drug in the world that's OK to take in high doses.


The week in finance - 17.06.17

Two strong up days, followed by a big down day and then a quieter Friday led to the Aussie market recording healthy gains.


Meeting Malcolm in the middle on climate policy

Bipartisanship is desperately needed when it comes to the complex issue of climate policy and the Clean Energy Target.


John O'Mahony

The ASX Australian Investor Study shows more and more young people are investing outside the super system and SMSFs will...


What are you going to do to stand out?

Two strange stories - one about a giant frying pan in Italy and another about a crap business card - can help you stand out...


What can be done about atrial fibrillation?

This week on The CheckUp, Dr Ross Walker reveals the three types of atrial fibrillation and what can be done about it.


The week in finance - 10.06.17

The release of data pointing to a weaker economy placed downward pressure on the Aussie market this week.

10 end of financial year tips

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard share the top ten tips you should be thinking about before the end of financial year.


How the Budget will affect property investors

From travel-related expense claims to depreciation deductions, here’s how the Budget will impact property investors.


Let me make you rich. Act now!

I have been writing a book with one express purpose in mind — to make you rich!


Causes and symptoms of atrial fibrillation

On The CheckUp this week, Dr Ross Walker continues the series on atrial fibrillation to reveal the causes and symptoms.

The week in finance - 03.06.17

In a week of largely sideways trading, the market was able to grind out a 0.6% rise, adding 36 points over the week to 5788.

Climate policy: The enduring kryptonite of Aussie politics

If history is any guide, Turnbull's latest foray into the climate wars will involve plenty of land mines.


Margie Moroney

Investment banker turned entrepreneur Margie Moroney has created a business called 1796 Luxury Knitwear. To discuss the retail...


The robots are coming, outthink them!

We need to work on our uniqueness and our indispensability to ensure we beat off those pesky robots that want our jobs.


What is atrial fibrillation?

On this week's CheckUp, Dr Ross Walker discusses just what is atrial fibrillation and why it can be a problem.


The week in finance - 27.05.17

Despite a very strong lead from offshore markets, the Aussie market was only able to grind out a 0.4% rise over the week.


One Nation's shocker of a week

This week, ASIO boss Duncan Lewis rebutted every one of Pauline Hanson’s anti-Muslim scare campaigns, capping off a terrible...


Ita Buttrose and Julie Heraghty

1 in 7 Australians over 50 are affected by macular degeneration. Ita Buttrose and Julie Heraghty join Switzer TV to discuss...


Malcolm must step up or step off!

We need and want a leader who can excite both business and consumers.


Does Vitamin C prevent a cold?

With cold and flu season underway, Dr Ross Walker looks at whether Vitamin C can be effective.


The week in finance - 20.05.17

Wobbles in US equity markets as President Trump came under pressure led to another soft week for the Aussie share market.


Budget squabbles? Trump and China will have greater impact

The Government should be happy with this post-Budget week, but the events in Washington and Beijing will have a larger impact...


Professor Norman Drummond

International speaker Professor Norman Drummond shares his views on the qualities of great business leaders.

Paul Black

Looking for overseas equities exposure? US global fund manager WCM will be available to retail investors via a new listed...


Is Shorten sending young Aussies the right message?

Our national leaders need to not only praise the value of education, they also need to encourage entrepreneurship.


Scott Morrison

Treasurer Scott Morrison joins Switzer TV to discuss the details of the Budget including the bank levy, infrastructure spending...


The CheckUp – time to get that flu vaccine?

Dr Ross Walker outlines a number of common misconceptions regarding the flu vaccine.


The week in finance - 13.05.17

The federal budget dominated the news this week, with the Treasurer forecasting a budget deficit of $29.4bn next year and a...

Bill's missed opportunity

Bill Shorten could have walked into Parliament on Thursday night and promised a faster return to surplus. Instead, he played it...


Want success? Master communication!

If you want to be a success in the eyes and ears of other people, then you should think about yourself as a business!


Exercise effectively

Dr Ross Walker explains why high intensive training is better than prolonged exercise.


The week in finance - 06.05.17

The Aussie share market hit a two-year high on Monday, but quickly went into reverse on Tuesday and spent the rest of the week...


Gonski 2.0: Can Turnbull's school funding plan succeed?

Turnbull’s stated aim this week was a noble one: to end the school funding wars. But can the plan succeed?


Tristan Kitchener

How worried should we be about Amazon? Retail expert Tristan Kitchener joins Switzer TV to discuss what could be ahead for the...


LinkedIn lovers need to learn the secret of networking

Here is a helpful piece of mentoring for the thousands of LinkedIn buddies I have accepted over the years.

The CheckUp: The biggest killer in society 

This condition causes a progressive build up of fat in your arteries and is caused by a number of factors.


The week in finance - 29.04.17

With US stock markets hitting new highs, and relief that Macron is set to become the next French President, positivity spilled...


5 ways to stand out on social media

Getting the hang of social lingo and protocol can help you avoid standing out on social media for all the wrong reasons.

Turnbull gets the barnacle scraper out

Turnbull has had the barnacle scraper out, trying to clear away potent issues creating drag for his Government in the Budget...


Tightwads ignore the power of great advice at their peril

The tightwad in all of us sometimes says that paying for advice or guidance is a waste of money. But often, it’s one financial...


What is sleep apnoea?

Dr Ross Walker explains what you need to know about sleep apnoea – a condition that affects 9% of women and 25% of men.


The week in finance - 22.04.17

Despite a positive day on Friday, the local share market finished down for the week, losing 36 points or 0.61% to close at 5854.


5 things successful business leaders do each day

What makes successful CEOs tick? And what's the secret to their success? Here are five daily habits that help them get ahead of...


No matter what he does, Turnbull is haunted by Abbott

This week, Tony Abbott made it clear he’s not for turning. He’s determined to keep causing headaches for the man who tore him...


Adam Ferrier

To discuss the latest PR disasters from the likes of United Airlines, Samsung and Pepsi, advertising guru Adam Ferrier joins...


It's time you drew up a 'You Plan'

The turning point in someone’s life is when they start to lead themselves and that prepares them to lead others.


The Checkup - Alcohol consumption

Some alcohol consumption can actually be very good for you, just make sure you don't go overboard.


The week in finance - 15.04.17

This week, increasing tensions between the USA, Russia and China over North Korea and Syria led global markets to take a “risk...


Turnbull is right to push for closer ties with India

With or without a free trade agreement, Australia needs to deepen its ties with India.


Arthur Sinodinos

Arthur Sinodinos, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, joins Switzer TV to discuss the Government's ideas to fix up...


China and the Aussie who can save us all!

Last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with the people who, potentially, can save Australia from the economic Armageddon...


5 components of metabolic syndrome

Dr Ross Walker discusses insulin resistance and the five components of the most common syndrome in the world - metabolic syndrome.


The week in finance - 08.04.17

On Friday, the US launched a missile strike on Syria, sending markets into a temporary spin. By the end, the share market had...


Turnbull's vital visits to PNG and India

Australia needs to pay more attention to the problems in PNG and the opportunities in India. In the coming days, Malcolm...


Tony Shepherd

The big end of town wants to help the Government build the case for tax reform and in particular lower taxes for companies. To...


Want to get rich? Change and learn to be different!

My recommendation for getting richer is to model yourself on the abnormal high achievers that you see around you.


Fight the fizz - beware soft drinks

There are a number of risks associated with drinking too many soft drinks. Dr Ross Walker discusses in this week's CheckUp.


How to find the best super fund

The Productivity Commission’s latest report attracted headlines, but it's not going anywhere quickly and won’t impact your nest...


The week in finance - 1.04.17

A big week for the Australian share market, as buoyant US markets and a break above the key 5,800 level drove the ASX 200...


Nic Cerrone and Anna Field

To get the pulse of the retail industry, legendary jeweller Nic Cerrone and The Paddington Beauty Room's Anna Field join...


Fiona Dawson

Mars Food has been in Australia since 1915 and manufactures a range of products from chocolate to pet food. To discuss the...


An outside-the-square solution to our property price problem

I have an outside-the-square solution to our house price problem, but will the Government have the guts to try it?


What makes heart disease rupture?

There are many causes of heart disease, but what makes it rupture? Dr Ross Walker reveals five factors.

The week in finance - 25.03.17

The words “Trump dump” echoed across global markets this week, as investors took profits on fears that the US President's...


Will Turnbull cave on company tax?

Right now, the Government is being forced to water-down core promises on budget repair and company tax. But Turnbull can't...


Adam Ferrier

Should a business concentrate on the "why" or the "what" when it comes to marketing? Adam Ferrier from Cummins & Partners...


12 steps to a better, richer you

At the core of what troubles a lot of us, and what holds us back from success and happiness, is our preoccupation with the...

Why do we need vitamin D?

What's so important about vitamin D? Dr. Ross Walker explains in this week's CheckUp. Don't miss it!


The week in finance - 18.03.17

Another relatively quiet week for the Australian sharemarket - after trading in a narrow range all week, the market finished...

Turnbull ignores own blank cheque warning

Malcolm Turnbull said it himself: “No one in their right mind would ever give a blank cheque to an analysis that hasn't been...

Tom O'Toole

Business speaker Tom O'Toole from the Beechworth Bakery shares his insights into leadership and growing a business.


The gentle art of persuasion

In business and in life, the art of persuasion is important. The science behind it might teach you a lesson or two.

Always ask your doctor questions

Dr Ross Walker says if you have a medical condition that needs treatment, always ask doctors lots of questions first.


The week in finance - 11.03.17

In the absence of strong stimuli this week, investors await the outcome of the US Federal Reserve meeting next week.

Allyn Beard and Tony Pearson

In 2013, A.H. Beard started exporting mattresses to China. Today, there are 34 A.H. Beard-branded stores in China with revenue...


Barnett looks set for defeat, so who's to blame?

All sides of politics privately expect Colin Barnett will lose today in WA. If that happens, there's blame to share around.


Could common sense solve our economic and social problems?

Aussies want leaders who use common sense to create solutions.


Can you prevent kidney stones?

On The CheckUp this week, Dr Ross Walker explains what can be done to prevent kidney stones.


The week in finance - 04.03.17

Trump set US equity markets on fire by not saying too much and sounding “Presidential”, and after a quiet start to the week,...

Turnbull gripped by indecision

Here we are again, with the Government gripped by indecision on a whole range of fronts.

Gerry Harvey

Gerry Harvey from Harvey Norman joins Switzer TV for a look at the company's half-year result, the retail environment in...


We need champion teams more than champions

Ahead of the footie season, which is only weeks away, I had an unusual reminding of how important the power of a champion team...


Managing kidney stones in the long term

This week Dr Ross Walker explains how kidney stones can be managed, including one surprising new treatment getting rid of them.


The week in finance - 25.02.17

With a number of leading companies trading "ex-dividend", the Australian share market’s performance looked weaker than it...


Damon Gameau

That Sugar Film has grown beyond the movie to programs around the country educating schools and businesses about sugar. To...


Turnbull and Shorten face pressure

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten both faced leadership pressure this week. But despite Tony Abbott’s very public efforts to...


Trump teaches Turnbull the truth about leadership

Just like Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan, Malcolm Turnbull has to find a way to connect with the majority.


What causes kidney stones?

It is said that kidney stones are behind the most painful organ pain. So what causes them? Dr. Ross Walker explains.


The week in finance - 18.02.17

A strong lead from the USA, together with better-than-expected company earnings reports, continued to propel the Australian...


Staying grounded

Many years ago it was on our agenda to climb Ayers Rock but if I visited again, I'd keep my feet planted firmly on the red dirt.


Calls for bipartisan approach to energy policy

When it comes to energy policy, neither side of politics is paying attention to the growing consensus among business, energy...


Here's how you can invest with me

Over the years, I’ve had lots of readers, viewers and listeners who have asked to invest with me. Now you can with the Switzer...


Breakthrough treatment for prostate cancer

In today's CheckUp, Ross Walker discusses a huge breakthrough in the management of advanced prostate cancer.

The week in finance - 11.02.17

It was a solid week for the Aussie share market, as company reporting season got underway in earnest and positive leads...


Turnbull gets tough. Will voters respond?

In both demeanor and policy, the Prime Minister is taking a tougher approach. But will voters embrace the new Turnbull?

Start acting like leaders

Each and every one of you needs to stop and remind yourselves that you are big people now and need to act accordingly.


Thinking and investing outside the square with me

Edward de Bono told me years ago that the high achievers of the world think outside the square. In our Switzer Dividend Growth...


Breakthrough for gluten sensitivity

On today's CheckUp, Dr Ross Walker discusses a recent breakthrough for people who are gluten sensitive.


Ignored voters give blunt take on pollies

Disenchanted voters are looking for someone who's willing to listen to them and offer some real solutions.


Sticking to the plot at book club

Sometimes book club is a challenge because you have to have read the book. But you can still attend and impress with...


Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is regarded as one of the world's foremost experts on leadership, and has used science to work out why customers...


Focus on being a rooster

Develop the desire to pump up the muscle that powers your focus - you'll be more like a rooster than a feather duster!


Salty issues: 5 causes of SIADH

Continuing the series on water and sodium, Dr Ross Walker discusses five causes of the syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion...


Donald trumps Australia's interests

Week one of the Trump administration hasn't been good for a trading nation like Australia.


The week in finance - 28.01.17

No surprises this week, with global markets tracking ‘The Donald’ during his first week in the Oval Office.


The heat is on

I have grown up by the seaside and have learnt a thing or two. There are some basic guidelines, some things that you must do.


3 delicious summer recipes by Lyndey Milan

Struggling to find inspiration for a delicious summer feed? Lyndey Milan shares her secrets to three dishes you can whip up in...


You need a money minder! I could be so good for you!

Nick Kyrgios blowing his two-set lead in the Australian Open can be linked to the failures many of us have with money.


Too much water could be harmful

Dr Ross Walker explains why drinking too much water could be harmful to your health.


Mike Baird's strong legacy

Despite clear overreach on some issues, outgoing NSW Premier Mike Baird should be proud of his legacy.


And so that was Christmas

Christmas is over for another year ... despite these last remaining remnants.


The week in finance - 21.01.17

The Aussie share market lost 1.16% over the week, as investors remain cautious over Trump's transition to the White House.


Forget pollie perks … what about the public service?

There are definitely bigger fish to fry when it comes to scrutinising the perks enjoyed by our politicians. Take the public...


Here are my decent obsessions for 2017

Have trouble sticking to your New Year's resolutions each year? Here's how to make sure that - like many of the greats - you...


How much water should you drink?

Should you really be drinking eight glasses of water every day for good health? Dr Ross Walker reveals the answer in this...


The week in finance - 14.01.17

Market expectations were high going into President-Elect Donald Trump’s midweek press conference, but the lack of any real news...


10 key steps to estate planning

The start of a new year is a great time to get your estate planning in order. Michael Hutton from HLB Mann Judd shares 10...


Why Hillary Clinton was very, very unlucky

Despite winning the popular vote, Hillary Clinton had to swallow defeat after the Electoral College System secured Donald...


2016: a shock year and what I learnt

Here's my recap on the year that was, as well as the memorable success insights I picked up along the way that will hold you in...


Finding the positives in politics

The greatest positive of 2016 must surely be the pause we’ve seen in Australia’s nasty habit of churning through leaders.


Golden good-gaytimes

Willingly give in to those summertime ice cream cravings with this healthy, guilt-free recipe courtesy of The Brown Paper Bag's...


Tech Review Christmas special

For a special Christmas gift, don’t miss Bernadette Morabito’s review of three sought-after tech items including a drone,...


The CheckUp - the lowdown on life expectancy

Longevity has nothing to do with modern medicine and everything to do with lifestyle, so this week Dr Ross Walker uncovers the...


The week in finance 17.12.16

In company news, the bidding war for Tatts heats up, Crown Resorts to sell stake in Macau casino operator Melco, and Bellamy's...


Ignore Steve Jobs at your peril

The late Steve Jobs once shared three stories from his life with Stanford University graduates - and I think they're a...


What’s in the bag for 2017?

After four years, Jacqueline Alwill says she’s just “scratching at the surface” of what her business can do and that 2017 will...


The CheckUp - a life well lived

When it comes to life expectancy Dr Ross Walker believes we should be focusing on healthspan – the years that older people...


The week in finance 10.12.16

With the stock market now convincingly through that key 5500 level, a bouquet goes to Time’s 'Person of the Year' Donald Trump.


Farewell to Cuba

How lucky we were to experience the rich tapestry that is Cuba. If you are thinking about travelling there, don’t dream – go.


Turnbull trips over climate policy

As NZ PM John Key departed the stage, so did any semblance of Turnbull living up to that style of leadership – at least on the...


How to make someone love you!

The first step involves changing you and the second is about changing your target so they see you in a light that makes you...


Day three highlights from Cuba

Come on a journey to the famous Bay of Pigs, the place where the late Fidel Castro was victorious against a botched American...


The CheckUp - our problems down under

Irritable bowel syndrome may not be a popular dinner table discussion, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn't talk about it given...


The week in finance 03.12.16

The OPEC agreement saw a huge rally in energy stocks, and in company news, Metcash reported tough trading conditions, while...


Turnbull's battle for power

On the final day of parliament for the year, the Backpackers’ Tax turned into something far bigger. It was a battle for power...


Why do we buy some leaders and reject others?

Why do some leaders achieve massive buy-in, while others just can’t get the results that great performers can pull off?


How to break promises and get away with it

Trump got it wrong in committing to positions he now won’t pursue - is there a lesson here for all political leaders?


The CheckUp - opioid prescription drugs

What you need to know about opioid prescription drugs, which are commonly used for paid relief and also associated with...


The week in finance 26.11.16

The Australian market closed on Friday at its highest level in three months with most sectors finishing higher. Plus, Boral's...


With love from Cuba - day two highlights

A day trip to Vinales, a UNESCO World Heritage site about 180kms southwest from Havana, involved a Cadillac, Cuban cigars,...


Could Donald Trump prove good for us?

I know this might shock some regular readers but the very fact that Donald is the new President has actually given me the guts...


Four nights and five days in Cuba

The streets resembled a movie set. Convertibles in every colour imaginable. Cuba has remained in a time warp and this is what...


The CheckUp - the problem with antibiotics

In Australia every year there are more than 1000 deaths from antibiotic-resistant superbugs, as Dr Ross Walker explains.

The week in finance 19.11.16

The banks continued to perform strongly, while BHP and Rio pulled back as the iron ore price softened. Plus, why brickbats go...

What does Trump's victory mean for Australia?

The first order of business will be convincing the President to stick with the plan to resettle up to 1600 refugees from Nauru...


What drove America to Donald Trump?

What motivated enough Americans to give Donald the gig and how can we benefit from it? At the core of his success is his own...


“Trump-ism” in Australia?

The big unknown is where Trump-ism goes from here. Is this a movement that will keep gathering momentum in the US, Europe and...


Feng Shui master's early Trump prediction

Feng Shui master, Master Yu Gui Feng, made a bold prediction about the US election back in September and correctly tipped a...


Is modern-day journalism out of touch with reality?

The unashamedly biased media coverage recent global political events have received shows the extent to which the ‘mainstream...


The CheckUp - the lowdown on salt

Australians are consuming 10 grams of salt per day – Dr Ross Walker discusses the risks of high salt intake and why we need to...


The week in finance 12.11.16

In a remarkable turnaround, the US market decided that a President Trump would be good for the US economy and the Australian...


Screw pessimism! I'm going for optimism

One of my key goals as a business educator is to help others be the best they can be and that’s why I say screw pessimism, I’m...

7 rules of crisis management

The difference between crisis trained vs. crisis fit was laid bare following the tragedy at Dreamworld. Here are the key rules...


Could Clinton be impeached if elected?

If Hillary Clinton wins the US election, will she face impeachment? A growing number of Republicans in Congress are already...


The Checkup - the magic of tomatoes

The humble tomato offers many health benefits – Dr Ross Walker discusses how carotenoids, which are found in tomatoes, help...


The week in finance 05.11.16

It was a downbeat week on the market with all industry sectors finishing in the red, while Flight Centre lost 11.3%.


We have to talk about Malcolm

Malcolm Turnbull has a love problem – we just don’t love the guy and I reckon it’s because he has a connection difficulty....


Big personalities trump big ideas in US election campaign

This hasn’t been a campaign of big ideas and it hasn’t been a campaign of much policy detail or substance. Instead, we’ve heard...


Climb every mountain

From selling tiles to creating one of the world’s most-loved tourism experiences, Paul Cave has demonstrated the intensity...


The CheckUp - heart attacks

The stereotypical heart attack scene in movies starting with crushing central chest pain isn’t always the case in reality – Dr...


The week in finance 29.10.16

The week culminated in two days of heavy selling on Wednesday and Thursday on the ASX, with the main losers CSL, Cochlear,...


Why has it taken me so long to wake up?

It’s been a crazy week but it might be just the best week of my life. How come? Well, an overdue penny has dropped.


Bill Shorten shoots some serious zingers

It was the government that shot itself in the foot this week. It was Shorten who made sure it did so with a rapid-fire 7-shot gun.


High-rise Harry's biggest achievement

The billionaire property developer’s biggest achievement does not involving building – in fact it is much closer to home.


The Checkup - why you should know about BergaMet

Dr Ross Walker discusses why BergaMet – which comes from Calabrian oranges – is one of the best natural products on the market...


The week in finance 22.10.16

It has been a big week with a company merger, company AGMs, the third US Presidential debate, the sale of Ausgrid, employment...


Is your attitude problem creating an altitude problem?

I am a great believer that it’s your attitude that determines your altitude and how high you fly, so if you have an attitude...


Gift ideas for him

Get a head start on your Christmas shopping with these great gift ideas from Cartier, Hermès, Burberry and more.


Pragmatism rules in politics, just ask Baird and Turnbull

On very different issues this week, Mike Baird and Malcolm Turnbull both acted against their own stated convictions to protect...


The CheckUp - How do multivitamins work?

Why human physiology is an important consideration when it comes to multivitamin use – and how they can provide benefits as we...

The week in finance 15.10.16

This week saw falls in our major mining stocks and small gains in utilities and real estate sectors, while CIMIC launched an...


50 Shades of Great and the 50 high achievers you can't...

I want to share with you 50 Shades of Great as I look at 50 highly motivating one-liners, quotes and lessons from exceptional...


Dear schoolies... a letter from Mum

Attention all Year 12 students heading off on a ‘schoolies’ adventure - please listen to us one last time and heed the...


The Checkup - why take vitamins?

A recent Harvard study revealed some telling results into the benefits of long-term multivitamin use.


The week in finance 08.10.16

The major bank CEOs put on polished presentations in Canberra this week, while the politicians barely laid a glove over the...


Tone pitch and the eye roll

The impact of the way we deliver a message is as much linked to the content of the message as it is in the delivery - here are...


Where does the US stand on China?

While confusion surrounds America's position on the South China Sea, the next few months will be critical for the power balance...


What we learn from grand finals

When these great sporting weekends come along, I like to reflect on what we learn from these high achievers and the standout...


The CheckUp - prescription drugs for sleep

In this final segment in our sleep series Dr Ross Walker discusses prescription drugs for sleep, including the different types...


The week in finance 01.10.16

It’s been a big week in the world of finance. A few key themes – from Trump v Clinton to OPEC’s agreement to Deutsche Bank...


Trump v Clinton: what will the outcome mean for Australia?

We have a rough template of what a Clinton Presidency would mean for Australia, but we know far less about a potential Trump...


The best holiday town you’ve never heard of

I am going to share a secret – if you want a holiday that's remote, relaxed, a little bit hippy and totally unspoilt, then...


The story of Zara

Whether he knew it or not, Zara founder Amancio Ortega built his success by following the great thinker Edward de Bono’s advice...


Hungry for more

Due to popular demand, we revisit the story of fast food mogul Jack Cowin, who built a business with an annual turnover of $1.4...


The CheckUp - Sleep series

Dr Ross Walker discusses some of the herbal preparations and prescription medications to help with sleep.


Rethinking retirement strategies

It’s not just investment advice that will help you in retirement – your offspring can pay dividends too.


Should we be surprised by the immigration poll?

A poll suggesting almost half of Australians want a ban on Muslim immigration was surprising, and serves as a wake up call to...


The week in finance - 24.09.16

The local market surged on the back of two key central bank decisions and finished 135 points or 2.54% higher over the week.


10 steps to be a better you

When it comes to making self-improvements in your life, this is what you should tell your son, your daughter and maybe yourself!


Malcolm Turnbull's breakthrough week

The waters have been much less choppy for the government this week, but it’s not smooth sailing yet.


Rules, regulations and requirements

Nothing is simple anymore. There are hurdles, steps and obstacles blocking even the simplest tasks. And most of them are...


The week in finance 17.09.16

JB Hi-Fi swooped on whitegoods retailer The Good Guys in an $870m takeover, while global share markets turned their sights on...


The CheckUp - overcoming jetlag

Jetlag is the well-known foe of international travellers, so here is an insider's tip from Dr Ross Walker to beat this specific...


Cheers to Cecconi’s

Cecconi’s restaurant is a Melbourne institution. This week I caught up with Maria Bortolotto to learn more about the family...


Girls' night out

I am having a mid-week night out with the girls. The questions begin as soon as I emerge looking a tad more glamorous than I...


How Bruce Wayne becomes Batman

If an earth-shattering kaboom happened in your business, would you be ready to handle the aftermath of this crisis? Here's an...


Tech review: Switch Alpha 12

Looking to upgrade your notebook? Here's everything you need to know about Acer's Switch Alpha 12 two-in-one notebook.


The CheckUp - specific sleep disorders

This week's video in our sleep series investigates specific sleep disorders, including insomnia and sleep apnoea, as well as...


The week in finance 10.09.16

There was good news on Australia’s GDP numbers with the fastest annual growth in four years, while the RBA left interest rates...


A life about something

Unlike Jerry Seinfeld's show about nothing, after years of analysing legendary retailer Gerry Harvey, I have to say that this...


I’m dreaming of a white ski slope

This weekend we are heading down to the snow, but I won’t be skiing. Instead, I'll be in après boots drinking a Bloody Mary and...


Parli-shambles a bad look for Turnbull government

The parli-shambles that brought this first sitting week to a close was a bad look for a government desperate to counter the...

The CheckUp - sleep series

This week we investigate the final three keys in the five keys to good quality sleep.


The week in finance 03.09.16

The company earnings season came to an end and the stock market turned its sights to the US and the possibility of an increase...


There’s something about Murray

Paul Murray is becoming one of the most influential political commentators in the country. This Q&A goes deep on his career,...


It's time for the PM to step up

With parliament resuming next week, Malcolm Turnbull will need to show far more urgency on the things he can control if he...


The CheckUp - activities for good sleep

Due to popular demand, we’ve brought you a new installment on sleep – this week, five simple activities you should undertake...


Pick your battles

An old photo reminded me of the best advice I ever received regarding parenting: “Pick your battles.” I still need to be...


The week in finance 27.08.16

Earnings announcements dominated the news, led by Woolworths' $1.23bn loss. Companies to report strong results included Qantas,...


Up close and personal with Guy Grossi

This week, I put multi-talented chef, author and TV host Guy Grossi under the Switzer Q&A deconstruction grill to understand...


The week in finance 20.08.16

Weakness in financial and health stocks, and stronger results in industrials and consumer discretionary were the key themes...


The CheckUp - sleep part 3

Don't miss the conclusion of our three-part special on sleep - this week, the five keys to good sleep.

Destination: Port Douglas

Following a dramatic drop in tourism during the GFC, Port Douglas has made a welcome resurgence – for good reason.

Can Malcolm turn his Midas touch back on?

Malcolm Turnbull has had no luck lately, but does he have an ace up his sleeve to turn things around?


How to get that winning edge

If you want to really lift your performance as an employee, business owner or as a wealth builder, you have to answer two vital...


The week in finance 13.08.16

The company reporting season got off to an underwhelming start, with the real action happening at the ABS with the Census debacle.


The CheckUp - five keys to good quality sleep

Sleep is fundamental to our health and wellbeing, so don't miss this week's special on the five Rs of good quality sleep.


Ausgrid decision puts Aus-China relations on shaky ground

The decision to block two Chinese bids for Ausgrid will surely go down as one of the most significant foreign investment vetoes...


Frustrating overhead problems

My phone has been running hot. I am being quizzed about weird things. People are imploring me to turn up and sort out their...


Lead yourself to a wealthier future

Are you ready to find your path to wealth? Here are some money secrets that can make you richer.


The CheckUp - Five phases of sleep

We spend a third of our life asleep, but are you sleeping well? Dr. Ross Walker discusses the five important phases of sleep.


Movie Review - Jason Bourne

The mid-year blockbuster season continues with Matt Damon returning as Jason Bourne.

The week in finance - 06.08.16

The market has run hard recently, so it’s not too surprising that the S&P/ASX 200 finally experienced a pullback this week.


The new Senate - a school playground?

If anyone thinks they know how this new Senate will play out, they’re kidding themselves. My best guess is it will be just as...


Going on a Uni Hunt

Deciding on a uni degree is anything but child’s play. So buckle up, and get ready to trawl through a bunch of courses, codes...


Hi I'm the Tax Commissioner and I'm here to help!

ATO boss Chris Jordan not only thinks outside the tax box, he exudes difference. Not only to the previous tax bosses over the...


The week in finance - 30.07.16

Better-than-expected earnings reports in the US from a myriad of companies including Facebook, Apple, Alphabet (the former...


The CheckUp - Heartburn

This week on The CheckUp, Dr. Ross Walker discusses heartburn, what causes it and the problems with treatment.


An introduction to the laundry

Welcome to Part Three of the Free Mum Lecture Series: The laundry. A mysterious room generally not inhabited, and strangely...

Sins of the father

It's often said that you are what you eat, but what you’re eating could impact your unborn child’s health too.


Turnbull vs. Hanson: who should lead?

We shouldn’t be allowing Pauline Hanson to do all the running on nation-defining subjects – this is a job for a Muslim fear...


Movie review: Star Trek Beyond

This latest Star Trek instalment delivers on all the special effects, but falls short on a compelling storyline.


The CheckUp - cellular fatigue

Capping off our series on fatigue, this week Dr Ross Walker investigates cellular fatigue - find out what it is and if you may...


The week in finance 23.07.16

It was another positive week for the Australian stockmarket despite weakness in the resource stocks, while the major banks...


Inside the world of invigilators

As year 12 students nervously prepare to sit their exams, spare a thought for the invigilators, dedicated to ensuring the...

Will the Government water down changes to super and health?

For all the noise around superannuation, health is the far greater challenge for the Government. This undoubtedly cost the...


Mastering Feng Shui - a cynic's conversation!

With a healthy level of scepticism prior to meeting a Feng Shui Master, I was bowled over by what he revealed – and could just...


Tech Review: Garmin Forerunner 735XT

The Garmin Forerunner 735XT has all the bells and whistles and is particularly coveted by sporting enthusiasts – for good reason.

The CheckUp - Fatigue Part 2

Don't miss Part 2 of our special series on fatigue - this week, the final two causes.

The week in finance 16.07.16

What a week for stockmarkets across the globe, with the bank and the major miners leading the charge at home.


To School Or Not To School

Deciding what age to send your child to school is often one of the biggest dilemmas facing parents - so are we rushing them too...


Last weekend's Poll shows we need a Failure Buster! Who...

Last weekend’s poll has the F-word for failure written all over it, so what advice can this legendary motivator and business...


Just stop motivating me!

There is a good chance you have been looking at motivation from the wrong viewpoint. Here are some strategies to change your...


The CheckUp - Fatigue Part 1

Many people suffer tiredness at different points in their lives. In this first part, Dr Ross Walker discusses the first three...

The week in finance 09.07.16

The big news last week was S&P putting Australia’s AAA rating on credit watch with a negative outlook, while the market endured...


Has Malcolm won Australia's greatest booby prize?

Turnbull has won the election, if only by a whisker. He now needs to change the dynamics and the momentum quickly.


A memo to the travellers from Mum

As the offspring prepare to depart on their trip of a lifetime, these 12 travel tips offer compulsory reading.


A leader with guts. How good would that be!

Developing strong leaders is crucial to the success of a country, just as it is for a family or a business.


The week in finance - 02.07.16

What a week! Traders sold, investors bought back, and by the end of the week, Brexit was almost a distant memory.


Xenophon tipped as biggest Election Day winner

The double dissolution is a gift to Senator Nick Xenophon. Here are the overall predictions for Federal Election 2016.


The CheckUp - cancer therapy breakthrough

Dr Ross Walker discusses what he believes to be the biggest breakthrough in cancer therapy he's seen in his career.


Hooray, it's Polling Day

Our nation will decide the leadership today, as we once again put ourselves through the rigmarole of election day and polling...

Movie Review – Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic would have fallen apart if it didn’t have excellent performances from its lead characters, and the film is...


Man and Superman – which one is Turnbull?

Does our PM have the qualities of a superman? His track record indicates he does, but have those qualities deserted him?


The Checkup - supplements

Dr Ross Walker discusses the five questions to ask before damning supplements.

The week in finance 25.6.16

Britons have voted in favour of Brexit - and the markets responded savagely.


Tech review: Garmin Vivomove

At first glance you'll think the Vivomove is a regular watch, but it's actually an attractive solution to the ugly wearable...


Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

The home phone has become nothing more than a bit of home décor. So why is it so hard to cut the cord?


Malcolm needs a commanding win

Few doubt Malcolm will win, but the question now is, what type of win does he need to have a command over the new parliament?


It's not Malcolm, it's you!

Malcolm and his team have a selling problem, or maybe there’s just a problem with us, his customer base!


The CheckUp - diabetic monitoring

In this week's CheckUp, Dr Ross Walker takes us through a major breakthrough in diabetic monitoring.


The week in finance 18.6.16

Global markets finally took notice of the debate raging in the UK, and with the opinion polls pointing to a possible “leave”...


Shorten's confused narrative

Rather than building a consistent theme on where Labor's funding will go and the benefits, Shorten seems to zig-zag from one...


Movie review: Goldstone

What Goldstone covers thematically is as vast as the beautifully bleak Queensland outback it covers physically.

Does your hair have an attitude problem?

The sheer amount of hair care products on the market might send you into a frenzy, but there are some lessons to be learned.


Bridge over troubled waters

John O’Leary is a man who, with a little help from his friends, turned a personal tragedy into a business that has helped...


The Checkup - Medical Cannabis

Dr Ross Walker discusses one of the next big things in medicine - medical cannabis.


The week in finance 11.6.16

Despite some positive leads from the US, the Australian market finished marginally down for the week. This week was all about...


Bedroom lessons

There's a bear in there. And a chair as well. Lots of mess. And a funny smell. Open wide, let's go inside. It's Mummy School.


Exercising the hip pocket

It seems our wallets are getting more of a workout than our backsides as Australians increasingly splash cash on abandoned...

Fancy a Mediterranean Gourmet Cruise with Lyndey Milan?

Lyndey Milan is a seasoned world traveller hosting a spectacular sojourn through Italy and Croatia.


Rickard - The Great Disruptor

Founder, former CEO and chairman of CommSec, Paul Rickard, has one of the greatest Aussie disruption business stories ‘never’...


The Checkup - Vitamin K2

Ross Walker discusses what you need to know about Vitamin K2.


Malcolm's super messy week

There’s a long way to go in this campaign, but right now the Turnbull Government appears on track to win on July 2, even after...


The week in finance 4.6.16

Seven up weeks in a row was too good to be true, so it was almost inevitable that the Aussie share market would pull back.


Movie review: The Nice Guys

The 1970s setting for The Nice Guys is the best part of the movie, but it’s let down by jokes that fizzle more often than...


It’s party time!

Here are some tips for those brave souls considering hosting an 18th birthday party.


Bedtime story

The A.H. Beard business story is an old fashioned one, with a new age twist when it comes to beating the scariest thing of all...


The checkup - Herbal preparations

How safe are herbal preparations? Dr Ross Walker explains what you need to ask before taking them.


The week in finance 28.05.16

Strong leads from the US and Europe helped the local market test the 5400 level, closing marginally above this at 5405.9 on...


Tech Review: MacBook

The new 12-inch MacBook is light in weight, but not on price.


Free lectures

When your kids can’t afford to move out, you can’t afford not to have ground rules.

6-star marketing

Buying an apartment for millions of frequent flyer points is just part of the marketing pull for this luxurious Melbourne...


When Luke met Sir Richard Branson

Like many entrepreneurs, Luke Mangan was a failure at school but through a passion for cooking, hard work and lucky breaks, his...

The week in finance 21.05.16

Despite a negative lead from offshore markets, the Aussie share market managed to cling onto small gains to finish up for the...


The checkup - A1 vs. A2 milk

Dr. Ross Walker explains the difference between A1 and A2 milk and what it means for your health.


Movie Review - The Man Who Knew Infinity

As biopics go, The Man Who Knew Infinity, is neat and well-made, hitting all the numbers you would expect in this type of film.


Digitising your wallet

Are you refusing to be digitally disrupted in your cosy wallet world?


Our three sons

David and Cathy Harris grew their business Harris Farm Markets through hard work. Now it’s time for their three sons to take...

The checkup - preventable cancer cases

A recent study has shown 1 in 3 cancer cases are preventable.


The week in finance 14.05.16

Despite a fairly sloppy close on Friday, the Australian market managed to ignore some of the leads from offshore and finished...

Tech Review: Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR catapults you into an immersive 360 experience.

How to renovate to make money

5 tips to help generate wealth from a renovation.


This is his QUEST

Paul Constantinou learned to dream and make real what the less brave might see as impossible.


The week in finance 07.05.16

A huge week in finance, with a surprise cut in the cash rate, the federal budget and three of Australia’s major banks plus...

The checkup - the biggest killer in society 

This condition causes a progressive build up of fat in your arteries and is caused by a number of factors.


Avoiding the property scams

Knowing how to avoid making costly mistakes in property investing is just as important as learning about how to create wealth...


Movie review - Captain America: Civil War

The next Marvel instalment Captain America: Civil War is packed with conflicting ideologies and action scenes, but lacks punch.


The perfect Mother's Day gifts

With Mother’s Day tomorrow, Mary Watson gives her take on gift ideas that really would really appeal to many mothers.


Early lessons in business

As co-chief execute of online wine retailer Vinomofo, Justin Dry has learnt how to build a business that now doubles it revenue...


Week in finance 30.04.16

A topsy-turvy week for the Australian share market but the market still finished up 15.8 points to close Friday at 5,252.2.


Tech Review: Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung’s new phone gets full marks for its exterior design.


The new philanthropists

Today’s philanthropist are driven by a “passion for a cause” that goes beyond just forking out large sums of money.


The checkup – statin drugs

These drugs are  is used to lower cholesterol but there are a number of side effects people should consider. 


Mark Bouris: Lessons from Kerry Packer

Having won the late business mogul over with his Wizard business, this boy from Sydney’s western suburbs remains focused on...

Senior blue chippers and the fine art of investing

Art is not just about beautiful pictures. Investing in art can pay off commercially for the astute investor.


Week in finance 23.04.16

The share market’s solid run ended after resource and energy stocks faltered for the first time in four days.


The checkup – exercise

High intensive training is better than prolonged exercise. 


Rethinking retirement strategies

It’s not just investment advice that will help you in retirement, your offspring can play an important role.


Seizing the opportunity

After fleeing apartheid South Africa, Denise Meyerson has managed to build a leading training business from scratch.


Week in finance 16.04.16

Led by the miners and the banks, the local market soared back through the 5000 level to finish up strongly on Friday.


The checkup – the obesity paradox

Many of us are carrying more weight than we should but research shows there are higher death rates in thin people. 


Movie review: Eye in the Sky

Guy Hibbert’s intricate script ensures Eye in the Sky is an intriguing thriller that explores the role of drones in warfare.


The case of the psycho pooch

With the gate normally, closed, there was no chance of a frenzied from this “harmless little bunny”....until the other day.


The business of being a Switzer

From a home-based business to a diversified company employing more than 50 people. I share my story.


Week in finance 9.04.16

More blues for the Aussie share market while the management and board of Arrium must be key candidates for brickbats this week.


The checkup - do diets work?

There are similarities between dieting and going on a holiday. 


Theatre review: King Charles III


Finding memories in unlikely places

You don’t need a diary to reminisce about the past. It is all there in the bathroom drawers.


A happy Valentine

Radio host James Valentine talks family, friendship, the relationships he has forged with thousands of his listeners and being...

Have you seen my wife, Mr Jones?

A once-loved department store that fell out of favour with this customer has made a welcome transformation.


Week in finance 2.04.16

The Easter blues continued for the Australian share market, with another down week.


Movie review - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

There are some enjoyable and clever moments in Batman v Superman but it is heavily marred by an at times convoluted plot and a...


The checkup – the Zika virus

What are the reasons behind the major outbreak of the Zika virus and will it really impact our athletes? 


Smart thinking

As founder of the ASX-listed business 99Wuxian, Chinese mobile entrepreneur Amalisia Zhang remains committed to the Australian...


Pet parents and an $8 billion industry

A new breed of owners who go over and beyond looking after their pet are positioned to drive further growth in the...


Art review: Andy Warhol/Ai Weiwei

The exhibition is not just about the new. Alongside Ai Weiwei’s pieces, you can witness the works that gave Andy Warhol his...


Waiting for the empty nest

It’s not just humans who are struggling with the current housing shortage, says a possum foster mum.


Week in finance 26.03.16

Over the course of the week, the Australian market lost almost 100 points or 1.91% to finish at 5,084.


The checkup – diabesity

Perhaps this Easter break could be a good time to get your sugar levels and blood pressure checked. 


Spearheading a $1.3 billion business

While it can be daunting running a billion dollar business, Deloitte’s chief executive Cindy Hook still finds time for that...


Grandparenting without a licence

Drivers’ licences are easy to replace in this digital world, or so you’re led to believe.


Week in finance 19.03.16

On the back of some accommodating remarks from the US Federal Reserve, share markets across the globe continued to move higher...


Movie review: The Witch

With language and attention to detail that completely immerses the audience in 17th century New England where it is set, The...

The checkup – time to get that flu vaccine?

Dr Ross Walker outlines a number of common misconceptions regarding the flu vaccine.


Paving the way for a successful family business

As head of a $200 million family tiling business, Bob Beaumont talks about working as a team with his brothers, the growth...


The rise of the Aldiphiles

The Aldi consumer has emerged as a new wealthier but value-conscious consumer and these “Aldiphiles” are having an impact on...


Week in finance 12.03.16

With oil and commodity prices steadier and overseas markets calmer after a pretty volatile period, the Australian market...


Tech Review: BlackBerry Priv

The BlackBerry is back, but not as you used to know it. Powered by Android, and with the name PRIV - short for privacy and...


The checkup – Maria Sharapova

Did Maria Sharapova really take mildronate for legitimate medical reasons? 


A guiding light

As chief of Guide Dogs SA/NT, Kate Thiele overhauled the organisation and aims to continue to shine light on the disability...

Week in finance 5.03.16

After a very ordinary start on Monday, the market rallied over the next four days to add 210 points, finishing at 5090.0 - up...


The check up - high blood pressure: part 2  

There are a number of treatments that can help to reduce blood pressure. 


Paradise found

If you can rustle up a week, Mary Watson can steer you to a place where you can relax, unwind and think you’ve died and gone to...


Movie review: Son of Saul

While Saul is a fictional character in a historical setting, this is a powerful portrait of a man in terrible conditions.


Top watchdog’s most courageous call

After recovering from a health scare, Greg Medcraft,the Australian Securities and Investment Commission chair, is still willing...


The check up - high blood pressure 

5 key lifestyle changes can lower your blood pressure.  


North India in 10 days


The week in finance 27.02.16

We had a crack at the 5000 mark on Monday - failed - and ended down on the week, shedding 72.8 points or 1.47% to close Friday...

A Sydney cafe gem

Situated in Sydney’s Paddington, Alimentari is a mecca for lovers of good food and coffee, whether they be locals or travellers.


An eclectic rise

From prison social worker to chief executive of Australia’s largest cruise company, Ann Sherry continues to forge ahead.


The week in finance 20.02.16

After getting trashed last week and shedding 4.24%, the Australian share market added 3.93% to close Friday at 4952.8.


The checkup - cholesterol part 2

Only 30% of cholesterol comes from diet and eating less fat does not necessarily improve your cholesterol levels.


11 ways to eat, drink and be arty in Paris

Eat and drink your way through Paris (with a little culture thrown in).


A new paradigm in investing

Small businesses are increasingly tapping into a new form of funding that goes beyond traditional private equity sources.


Entry-Level To CEO

Daniel Kruithoff went from a customer service role to running the global agribusiness firm Monsanto. He talks to Weekend...


The week in finance 13.02.16

Despite some encouraging earnings results, the Australian market followed the global lead and fell sharply.

Taking stock

There are some interesting parallels between learning to play golf and mastering the sharemarket but the common lesson is that...


The check-up - cholesterol 

There are many misconceptions about cholesterol even among the medical community. 


A game changer from Yorkshire

Former Business Council of Australia chief Kate Lahey's role at the helm of Korn Ferry is the fifth in a row where she was the...

The week in finance 06.02.16

Macquarie flags challenges ahead; interest rates left on hold; iron ore and metal prices rise; and reporting season heats up.


The checkup - sleep apnoea

What you need to know about sleep apnoea – a condition that affects 9% of women and 25% of men.


Movie review: The Hateful Eight

The audience knows what it’s in for with Tarantino's The Hateful Eight - close quarter mayhem.


Stay: Dorset Square Hotel

Top order: London's Dorset Square Hotel will bowl you over with its rich cricketing history and contemporary elegance.


Bob Geldof’s best advice: “f**k off”

The best advice Sir Bob was ever given could be a lesson for all us - in business, relationships and life.


The week in finance 30.01.16

Oil prices and inflation hit the headlines this week, while earnings reports and the Fed's statement dominated the US market.


The checkup - height and cancer risks

A new study indicates the taller you are the stronger your risk of cancer.

11 things to do in London

London calling: 11 must-do experiences to make the most of your time in London.


Tech review: Lenovo Yoga 900

We all know yoga is good for our health - but is it good for our tech devices?


High-rise Harry’s biggest achievement

The billionaire property developer’s biggest achievement does not involving building – in fact it is much closer to home.


The week in finance 23.01.16

While Friday’s close was positive, the week certainly had its fair share of volatility.


The checkup – osteoporosis

This week we look at what we can do to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


Movie review - Don’t go in short with the Big Short film

There are some important lessons in this film that everyone can benefit from.


Destination: Byron Bay

In need of beach holiday? Here’s why Byron Bay should top your list of domestic travel destinations.


Confessions of a shopaholic

As chief executive of a retailer that turns over $6 billion, Katie Page confesses that she is a “great shopper” who also...

The week in finance - 16.01.16

Commodity prices continued to take their toll and despite an attempt to rally on Friday, the market gave up another 98 points...


The checkup – calcium

A recent trial has challenged the wisdom that calcium plays an important role in the fight against osteoporosis.

Movie review - The Revenant: revenge served cold

As a film The Revenant is an intense experience, but the star of the show that perhaps at times outshines the rest of the...

A foodie’s guide to Sydney

Eat, drink and be merry: a top five list of the harbour city’s celebrated food and produce haunts.


Hungry for more

Despite building a business with an annual turnover of $1.4 billion and more than 17,000 staff, the Hungry Jacks founder Jack...


The week in finance - 12.12.15

Another down week on the markets, with falling commodity prices but job numbers were up and Sydney tech company Atlassian...


Can a weekender be an investment?

As you holiday at your favourite getaway this festive season you may be tempted to buy a weekender but seeing such a property...


Our 10 money rules for Christmas

With just a few weeks till Christmas, we share some timely and practical tips that will ensure the season remains a joyous...


Tech Review - 3 Christmas gift ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, here are three gift ideas for friends and family who love their technology.


Ainsworth’s lucky break

At 92, pokies king Len Ainsworth has no plans to retire and in fact is having fun.


The week in finance - 5.12.15

Overall, another disappointing week, with the S&P/ASX 200 losing just under 1.0% to close at 5151.6 but beaten up banks...


The checkup - happiness

One of the keys to happiness is learning how to handle stress. Dr Ross Walker shares his insights to take the pressure down.


A weekend in the city

So you’ve got a weekend in Melbourne and want to make the most of your time in the city? Here are some ideas to take advantage...

Movie review: Rocky’s gonna fly now, again

If you haven’t seen the previous Rocky movies, don’t worry. Creed doesn’t require you to be across all that has come before it,...


Making the tough calls

Despite the exposure to global issues beyond its control, the laid-back Turner says running Flight Centre is comparatively easy...


The week in finance - 28.11.15

Bouquets to both NSW Premier Mike Baird and Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian for the sale of Transgrid. NSW taxpayers stand to...


Tech Review - Apple's iPad Pro

After spending a week with Apple’s new iPad, Bernadette Morabito looks at the good and not-so-good features for those people...


The checkup – exercise

The second-best drug on the planet is exercise, says Dr Ross Walker


A sojourn in Fiesole

Il Salviatino, a 15th century villa just outside Florence, offers travellers luxury accommodation off the beaten path.


Roebuck's tough lesson

Carsales' founder Greg Roebuck doesn't mind being told the hard truth if it is coming from a place designed to make things...


Getting the job done

Turnbull will need the skills of Houdini to escape being straightjacketed by the right of his party.


The checkup - diets

Dr Ross Walker reveals the final aspect of his '5 keys to healthy eating'.


The week in finance - 21.11.15

Despite the trauma of the terrorist incidents in Paris last weekend, the Australian sharemarket had one of its strongest weeks...


Beyond what the eye can see

Photography is not just about looking at pictures. It goes beyond what the eye can see, when an image can evoke an emotion,...


Holgate’s successful tonic

Christine Holgate, the Blackmores chief executive, reveals the three bold decisions that transformed her life.


The week in finance - 14.11.15

Great employment numbers, proposed super changes, BHP’s questionable approach to its suppliers and no bouquet for the Royal...


Movie review: Spectre is as expected

Directed by Sam Mendes in his second time at the helm of the secret service agent series, Spectre begins with an impressive one...


The checkup - body typing

Dr Ross Walker reveals the fourth aspect of his '5 keys to healthy eating'.


From Paris, with love

A stay at the Saint James is anything but a typical hotel experience.


View from the top

SEEK co-founder Andrew Bassat describes himself as an entrepreneur at heart. His determination to remain aggressively...


The checkup - the paleolithic principle

Dr Ross Walker reveals the third aspect of his '5 keys to healthy eating'.


The week in finance - 7.11.15

A lacklustre week for the market, interest rates left on hold, and a bouquet to Melbourne Cup winner, Michelle Payne.


Tech review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

It's the most ridiculously good looking smart phone on the market, but does the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus get the tick of...


High society

Living the London high life: take a glimpse inside two of London’s premier five-star hotels located in the heart of Mayfair –...


On top of his game

Wesfarmers CEO Richard Goyder has come a long way from his days as a self-described “farmboy from Tambellup". He shares some of...


CEO supplements share price

The last week of October 2015 could go down in Australian corporate history, when a female became arguably this country’s...


From Barcelona, with love

A hallucinatory landscape designed by absinthe addicts and pieced together by an accompanying band of architects and builders...


The checkup - convenience is killing us

Dr Ross Walker explains why we should avoid eating convenience food.


Space: the final frontier

For those who, like Richard Branson, have a thirst to be out in space, these two films should more than quench that.


The week in finance - 31.10.15

Disappointing reports from NAB and ANZ, a profit downgrade from Woolworths, and CPI figures point to a possible Cup Day rate...


A slice of the good life

Innovation and technology is at the heart of Domino's Pizza Enterprises, but what drives its CEO, Don Meij? When it comes to...


The checkup - 5 keys to healthy eating

Dr Ross Walker explains his 5 keys to healthy eating


The week in finance

The Government responds to the Financial System Inquiry, all four major banks raise interest rates, and Joe Hockey calls it a day.


Weekend Reads

For some time out this weekend, get reading. Here are our top book recommendations.


Tech Review

The Canon EOS 760D is an entry-level DSLR with more flexibility than cheaper models in the market.


Gifts that keep on giving

One of the biggest influences on people’s giving are their peers.


The week that was in finance

Westpac stole the show and CEO Brian Hartzer deserves a bouquet for being brave.


The checkup - you need more sleep

Dr Ross Walker explains how you can improve your sleep hygiene.


Weekend cooking - stir-fried beef with ginger

Don't know what to cook for dinner? Try this healthy option.


The movie or the book?

Is the book always better, or do some movies actually do their source material justice?


If I had all the money in the world

What to do with a sudden windfall?


You don’t have to be extraordinary to create change

Elizabeth Broderick may be quitting her day job, but she won’t stop speaking out for women.


The week that was in finance

Good cheer returned to the market, while 12 countries reached agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.


Against all odds

Doyen of the Australian advertising industry, Harold Mitchell, shares his humble beginnings.


Healthy body, healthy mind

How the state of your health can affect your state of mind.


The check up - alcohol and you

Some alcohol consumption can actually be very very good for you, just make sure you don't go overboard.


Records - what to listen to

A perfect selection of blissed out sounds for your weekend from RUSSH.


The business of eating

We go out to eat more often but are spending less at a much larger number of restaurants. It turns out running a restaurant is...


The week that was in finance

We got off to a bad start but the S&P/ASX 200 ended higher on the back of M&A activity.


Life after politics in the 80s – Neal Blewett

Bipartisanship can work. Just ask the man responsible for the strategy to combat HIV/AIDS.


Time poor can still be exercise rich

You don't need to lose half your day to lose weight.


The check up - smoking is bad for everyone

Dr Ross Walker explains why nobody has the right to smoke.


Art for money's sake

Major blockbuster exhibitions can cost between $2 to $6 million, so galleries bank on serious attendance numbers to break even.


Why Elvis is not dead

The true fans know that The King will never die.


Two animated films for all ages

These two Academy Award winning films will keep both young and old mesmerised.


The week in finance

Australian markets took their lead from the US, and as the Volkswagen scandal widened, chief executive Martin Winterkorn...


The check up - 5 keys to being healthy

Dr Ross Walker goes through the essential ingredients for a healthy life.


FAST5 - Joel Parkinson

Q&A with world surfing champion, Joel Parkinson.


The business of the Melbourne Cup

It’s not just hats, feathers and dresses. The Spring Racing Carnival is serious business – bringing in over $370 million to the...


A very Parisian phenomenon - la rentrée 

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Paris during its most seductive season of September.


Against the ropes

Entrepreneur Mark Bouris recently put his life on the line with world champion boxer Danny Green.


The week in finance

A new Prime Minister for Australia, the US Fed leaves rates on hold, and financial stocks lead the local share market higher.


The fitness economist

Adam MacDougall shares his thoughts on how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to exercise and healthy eating.

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Windows 10 - back to the start

Microsoft has gone straight from Windows 8 to Windows 10. But is the latest Windows update worthy of a two-step jump?