Travelling is a fantastic way to boost your health and invigorate your spirit - providing you can keep any overindulgence in exotic foods to a minimum.

Keeps you fit and active

Whether you’re travelling to a beach location or a busy European city, the best way to see any location is by foot. When you walk around, you also discover local areas that you might otherwise miss.

By walking, you can stop, observe, and feel the culture at your own pace.

Extra activities like water sports, snow sports, hiking and climbing endless flights of stairs are all great ways to boost your health, too.

Boosts your confidence

Have you ever found yourself in an unknown street with a map that doesn’t make sense? Travelling pushes you outside your comfort zone and boosts your confidence.

Whether it’s approaching strangers and asking questions or being proactive in finding the ways of the town, increasing your confidence levels does wonders for your mental health.

Encourages mindfulness

When you’re travelling, there’s always an element of waiting involved. So when you’re sitting around in an airport waiting room, train station or hotel room, take the time to relax.

Read, be mindful of your surroundings, meditate. Take a look around you – notice the smells, take in the culture and enjoy being in the present moment.

Improves your relationships

Research has indicated that travel can improve relationships by strengthening family bonds and creating lifelong memories.

Travelling can also inspire romance and foster intimacy. One study suggested that couples who travel led together were significantly more satisfied in their relationships than those couples who didn’t travel.

Helps you relax

If you picture yourself on a deserted beach, cocktail in hand, you will feel yourself relax by the second. But you don’t just have to be on a beach.

Travelling takes you away from the pressures of everyday life and requires a different mindset. This change of pace and environment helps you to awaken your senses.

Travelling also gives you time to sleep in and do things at your own pace - regardless of whether you’re on an adventure holiday or a relaxing beach vacation.

Reduces screen time

Travelling gets you out and about - away from your desktop, mobile, tablet and television. By taking a break from the constant digital noise and screen time - not to mention stressful work-related emails - you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Just try not to spend too much of your vacation sharing photos on social media.