Talking Business - John Symond
29 June 2009 - John Symond is the founder and CEO of Aussie Home Loans, the largest retail lender outside the four biggest banks in Australia. He is with us to discuss the alternative to bank lending and his forecast for the credit industry, including where interest rates are headed and what we can do in order to prepare for the hard times ahead. My first guest on Talking Business is John Symond from Aussie Home Loans, and... read more >
Talking Business - John Eales
15 June 2009 - On Talking Business I now have someone who has a two-word USP, or unique selling proposition, and those two words are Rugby Legend. Of course I’m talking about John Eales. Thanks for joining us on Talking Business, John. JE Thanks, Peter. It’s great to be back. PS Now look, we’re going to talk about the business of John Eales and your views on business as well, but you’re also in a sense an... read more >

Herb Elliot
Joining me next is former Olympic middle distance runner, Herb... read more >
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Ian Harrison
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Ian Gardiner
Ian Gardiner is the CEO of Viocorp. The online world has evolved... read more >
Don Graeme
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Talk Business - Bruce Hayman
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Talking Business - Allyn Beard
A.H.Beard, Australian’s oldest bedding manufacturer.... read more >
Talking Business – Margot Cairnes
Margot Cairnes is the Founder and Chairman of Zaffyre... read more >
Talking Business – Catherine Harris
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Talking Business - Tim Shaw
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Talking Business - Bill Moss
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Talking Business - Barbara Warren (NIDA)
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Talking Business - Julian Persaud (Google)
Julian Persaud, head of online sales for Google, is my next guest... read more >