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5 things you need to know today

  • At least 19 people have been injured after a vehicle mowed down pedestrians in Flinder's Street in Melbourne's CBD. The 32-year-old-driver was arrested by an off duty police officer after the car crashed into a metal bollard on Flinders Street. Police say the driver has blamed "the mistreatment of Muslims" for "some of his activities," but they still don't know what motivated him to drive his car through a busy crossing.
  • National Australia Bank and its former subsidiary, Clydesdale Bank, are being targeted in a new lawsuit seeking compensation on behalf of thousands of small business customers in the United Kingdom. A group representing customers on Thursday made the first formal move in a legal fight alleging  the banks misled customers with complex interest rate hedging products known as “tailored business loans.”
  • Over 120 countries have defied President Donald Trump and voted in favour of a United Nations resolution calling for the United States to drop its recognition of Jerusalem as Usrael's capital. The resolution states that Mr Trump's bid has "no legal effect" and is "null and void”. Trump had threatened to cut off financial aid to countries that voted in favour, but a total of 128 countries backed the resolution, 35 abstained, including Australia, and nine voted against. 
  • Once again, Sydney is looking to have a wet and rainy Christmas Day... Victoria and Tasmania should expect a cool day with a few showers, while Queensland, Perth and WA will be dry and hot.
  • Overnight, the Dow Jones index, rose 0.4% at 24,814, the S&P 500 gained 0.3% at 2,688, and the Nasdaq remained also finished higher at 6,973. In Europe, the FTSE rose 1.1% to 7,604, the German DAX was up 0.3% at 13,110. The ASX SPI 200 finished up higher on 0.3% at 6,060.

Published on: Friday, December 22, 2017

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