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5 things you need to know today

1. A draft of the federal government's '2018 National Waste Policy' would see the waste produced by every Australian reduced by 10% and 80% of all waste diverted from landfill by 2030 according to a Fairfax report.

2. The number of people aged 55-64 on Newstart unemployment benefits has increased by 55,000 in the past 5 years.

3. North Sydney Council has voted unanimously to establish the first smoke-free CBD in Australia.

4. Donald Trump declared he has accomplished more than almost any other US president in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, which was met with laughter by some of the audience.

5. A woman in the Northern Territory has had her throat cut by a 10-kilogram, metre-long mackeral that launched itself over 1.5 metres into the air. 

Published on: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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