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5 things you need to know today

  • Trump has kicked the trade war into higher gear by announcing a massive list of $US200 billion worth of Chinese exports that will be subject to 10% tariffs. These new 10% tariffs will apply to a wide range of items from food to industrial goods.     
  • They’re all out! All 12 members of a Thai youth soccer team and their coach have been rescued from a flooded cave system in Northern Thailand. After surviving 17 days underground on a muddy ledge, the final members of the team were brought to safety on Tuesday evening local time to worldwide applause.
  • Three major bike sharing companies in Australia have announced shutdowns, with ReddyGo, oBike and Ofo all to close operations in Australia. The companies were widely criticised by local residents and councils who argued the bikes cluttered sidewalks and streets.
  • Channel Seven has chosen a female commentator to lead the cricket, marking the first female voice in free to air Test cricket in 35 years. Head of cricket David Barham said Alison Mitchell was “not chosen because she’s a woman” but because “she’s a gun commentator.”
  • Overnight in the US, the Dow Jones rose 0.6% at 24,920, the S&P 500  was up 0.4% at 2,794 and the Nasdaq was flat at 7,759. Meanwhile in Europe, the FTSE was flat at 7,692 and the DAX +0.5% at 12,610.

Published on: Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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