About us

Switzer.com.au is comprehensive online portal for retail investors and small business owners. Founded by Peter Switzer – one of Australia’s leading business and financial commentators – this portal has been designed to cut through the clutter that exists in business and financial media and to give you the information you need to make the right decisions in relation to your superannuation, your shares, your property, your business, your career, your bank account, your family and your life.

At Switzer.com.au, we are focused on building Australia’s leading personal investment and small business community.

We recognise that many finance and business related websites are produced for sophisticated investors or written by journalists who use complex jargon many everyday Australians struggle to understand. At Switzer, our expertise is in cutting through this jargon to produce independent information that is accessible to all Australians.

After countless financial disasters – including Storm Financial and Westpoint – we also recognise that many individuals don’t know where to turn to find conflict-free information. We have created this website to give investors the information they need to avoid catastrophe and take control of their situation in order to improve their financial position.

Every day, Switzer.com.au will offer a broad range of easy-to-understand information catering for all varieties of investors, including:
•    Breaking news that will have an impact on superannuation funds, real estate, share portfolios, investments, careers and small business.
•    Personal investment, money and small business commentary from Peter Switzer and his team of professionals.
•    An Expert section, with the inside word from the best brains in property, shares, superannuation, the economy, financial markets and small business.
•    A wide selection of videos, including all interviews and commentary from Switzer, Peter Switzer’s new program on Sky News Business Channel.
•    A tool sourcing the best home loans, credit cards and interest rates.

Our objectives for Switzer.com.au are to:
•    Assist retail investors save, and make, money by providing expert information and education that will make, and keep, them informed consumers.
•    Help small business owners grow, build or improve their business by providing information and education to assist them in working in and on their business.
•    Provide conflict-free and transparent information and services to help our audience.
•    Build a community environment to provide our audience with information, education, business and finance related services

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